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Is $26,000 per employee too good to be true?

All I hear anymore on the radio & television anymore,  let alone emails & texts are these ads promising up to $26,000 per employee that you are missing out on.

This tax credit does actually exist!

There are quite a few restrictions though which may disqualify or reduce the amount you could possibly get.  An automatic no is if you own the business then you and your immediate family are not qualifying for the credit though your other employees may. Interpretation of the rules though is a hot button issue with many of these pop up companies “qualifying”  you in ways which will not hold up in audit.   Unfortunately this area of compliance is being audited at a rapid rate. due to the heavy amount of fraud.  They may often charge upfront excessive fees to be on the lookout for.  Please review your situation with a licensed tax advisor to ensure your eligibility or reach out to us below as we would love to see how we can help you,