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Industries That We Specialize In



Technology companies are at the forefront of innovation in a highly competitive and fast paced climate that requires them to stay ahead of the curve otherwise they will be left behind. Wiser always has their eyes and ears open for new technology to utilize for its clients and understands the importance of speed and accuracy that is needed to deliver to our tech clients.


Construction companies require a more hands on approach as each job requires unique planning and execution. Wiser is committed to providing personalized accounting and taxation services uniquely tailored to each construction client to help build a more profitable business.

Food and Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry is a fast paced, highly regulated and highly volatile in all aspects of the business from safety, cost of food and health trends. Wiser helps take some of the guess work away from its clients by providing them with our flexible and accurate services.

Real Estate

We provide full range of accounting and taxation services to help our clients maximize their time and assets. Whether it be your first home, adding solar panels or considering utilizing cost segregation on a new project our staff is fully equipped to guide you.

Health Care

The Healthcare industry is complex and complicated business model that present challenges from high pressure regulations, costly operation structures and heavy competition. Our team is highly educated and experienced to assist in minimizing and simplifying the complexity of the industry.

Manufacturing and Distribution

The challenges that come from raw materials, cost of labor, new regulations and freight cost are all important to your bottom line. We have the experience and the expertise to manage the accounting and taxes of your business, so you do not have to.


Non-Profit firms have unique financial challenges and objectives that they seek to conquer. We very much enjoy and value working along side the professionals in this sector as they always challenge you to go the extra mile.

Professional Services

Wiser Tax Solutions understands the complex landscape that Consulting firms are faced to navigate in this challenging economy. Our team is experienced to provide support and stability to their operations.