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Community Partnership with Backyard Beans

Going above and beyond really allows you to stand out.  At Wiser Tax Solutions, we made a decision this tax season to sponsor a sleeve with a leader in our community.

This tax season at your local Backyard Beans coffee shop you will find a sleeve with a custom QR code for you to win free coffee and other goodies so please go check them out to get a great brew and maybe a bite to eat.  To take the partnership to the next level, we want to encourage especially to go out on there 2/6 as it is the first Monday of the month where they dedicate a portion of their sales for their “Make a difference Monday” campaign to local charities.   We have made the decision to double the impact and match the giving this month to Bridge of Hope Buxmont helping to end homelessness in our local community.  If you recognize us that day please say hello and the drink is on us.

If they are not local to you, we don’t want you to miss out on some great roasts, so if you want to fill out a survey below, you will be entered to win some free beans delivered to your home or office.


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